K U N S T E N A A R S  I N  H E T  S T A T E N K W A R T I E R

About the KS

Kunstenaars in het Statenkwartier (KS) is a platform of over 80 artists, and was created 5 years ago through an initiative of an active group of artists living and working in the Statenkwartier.

The platform has a 5 member board, articles of association and a pictorial who is who. Active participation is required of members while organising exhibitions. Members attend regular meetings throughout the year, and there is an open exchange with artists of other neighbourhoods. Are you an artist, be it professional or motivated amateur, living or working in the Statenwartier, and would you like to join the KS? Then contact one of the board members for a meeting. A precondition for joining is that you are actively creating art.


There are opportunities for exhibiting artworks at various locations such as the library, institutions, and health centres. Members reach out to each other. Through the network a group of photographers joined forces while another group organised a "mini-kunstroute. A few times a year the KS also organises readings where members can exchange experience and knowledge or listen to a guest speaker.